Matelas intime



Mattresse upholstered entirely by hand consisting of a triple layer of multi-pouch bagged springs covered on the winter side a 5 cm latex pulse and on the summer side a 3 cm latex plate offering two types of comfort.

Superior Comfort

Semi-firm comfort – Home wrapping
The triple suspension of bagged springs provides better back support with consummate precision. Comfort facing winter: The latex pulse can benefit from a welcome home enveloping and durable and thus keep a feeling of aggressor year after year. Summer facing comfort: The resilience of latex helps to limit the pressure points and ensures optimal ventilation. ThermoSoft patented silky cotton, which is ever so soft to the touch, minimizes fibre migration through the fabric and guarantees exceptional resistance.

Technical characteristics

  • Winter side : ThermoSoft cotton and cashmere lining
  • Summer side : ThermoSoft cotton and silk lining
  • 5 cm of latex pulse 3 272 bagged springs in a carbon and steel alloy 160 x 200
  • 3 cm of perforated latex of natural origin on a pressure distribution element in jute
  • 7 comfort zones
  • 90 % viscose, 5 % polyester and 5 % lurex ticking
  • 100% viscose fabric strip
  • Fabric treated to be fire, moth and bacteria resistant
  • Sizes available : 140 x 190/200 (15 pads), 160 x 200 (20 pads), 180 x 80 (20 pads), 90 x 200 (10 pads)


summer side winter side
Upholstered by hand
warranty 7 years



Innovative active system with the 3 layers of extra flexible bagged springs of different height superimposed perfectly to absorb pressure softly and provide precise and lasting support. The carbon and steel alloy provides better resilience for the springs and makes them more durable.

Pulse latex

Revolutionary latex offering unparalleled strength to traction and unprecedented durability.