• Pocket springs Springflex (220 springs per sqm)
    High-resistance springs : sleeping independence, natural ventilation and durable support
  • 5 comfort zones : supports every part of the body
  • Foam and padding on both sides : reversible mattress
  • 4 handles (except duo) and AIR fabric on all 4 sides : optimal ventilation
  • Fabric : 100% polyester stretch 180 g/sqm
  • Support : Soft
  • Guarantee against any risk of premature sagging
  • Anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fire (cigarette and match) treated fabric. Mattress conforms to NF EN 597, parts 1 and 2
  • Recommended bedbases: Island, Lagon, Ilot 15


Made in France
2 sides mattess
AIR sides
Anti-bacterial treatment
Anti-mite treatment
Fire retardant treatment
Guaranteed 5 years
High density
Pocket springs
Sorting recycling



Extremely high density of pocket springs per sqm dispatched in 7 comfort zones, allowing an extremely precise and long lasting support. Springflex technology is the guarantee of a no-altered quality sleep:
• Every spring is individually packed into a fabric pocket which limits the transfer of movement and diminishes minor sleep disturbances.
• This technology allows for total mattress ventilation with air renewal up to 10 times a night for perfect hygiene and increased life-span of the mattress.
• Composed of thermo-stabilised steel, the springs will not lose their shape and will remain durable over time. Our pocket springs are tested (under a longevity test of 30,000 cycles) and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and LGA certified, which guarantees their quality.
• The steel is an organically produced material thanks to its natural resources, and it is easily recyclable.