• Composed of an AlveoTech70 Ultrafresh foam core of 19cm thickness, the PRODIGE MATTRESS offers superior comfort and optimal tailored support spread across 7 comfort zones. This material is made up of micro holes which allow perfect mattress ventilation and provide a feeling of freshness. Dive in a deep sleep, in tranquillity.
  • The mattress is fitted with a winter side lined with wool and padding and a summer side lined with linen and padding for temperature regulation in all seasons. There is optimal aeration to all 4 sides of the mattress due to technology.
  • It is adorned with 340g/sqm of grey marl chiné stretch fabric for a silky touch (Only placed pattern with the following dimensions 140 x 190, 160 x 200 and 180 x 200).
  • For guaranteed comfort, we recommend Topspring and Ilot 15 bedbases from the Thiriez Literie collection (that increases guarantee to 7 years).


Very soft - Firm support


Made in France
Guaranteed 5 years
Guaranteed 7 years
Made to measure
Summer winter side



Superior quality, high strength grooved foam provides unbeatable comfort and point-by-point support. Composed of millions of open cells for perfect mattress ventilation, AlveoTech foam is equipped with 7 comfort zones for total relaxation. The foam benefits from ultra fresh anti-bacterial treatment for perfect hygiene.