Majesté Collection Relaxation by THIRIEZ Literie



An electric bedbase for flexible relaxation with 5 ergonomic settings which adapt to different body positions. It is fitted with an automatic head-rest and an adjustable back-support function, so that pressure points can be suppressed in the seated position.

SUSPENSION : 20 slats mounted on 10 bi-slats with wide angle rolling joints.

Reinforced lower-body support zone : strength and flexibility guaranteed by 4 high-resistance fibre-glass slats with adjustable comfort and firmness settings.

The shoulder-support zone has adjustable comfort with 2 rows of 5 or 6 multidirectional points.

MOTORISATION : Central 2 x 4000N Motor with restart battery (guaranteed for 3 years).

STRUCTURE : Self-supporting multi-layer wooden structure, solid beech movable parts (guaranteed for 5 years) .Optional trim: 3 MDF clip-on panels of 18cm in height.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED : 6-button wired remote control, one on each side of the bed (wireless option available) 1 foot board and 2 side panels per bed frame Offset bed feet bar

COMPATIBLE MATTRESSES : Yoga, Relax, Harmonie, Détente, Plénitude and Sensuel (refer to the accessories catalogue).

Finishes / available colors

Chène clair

Light oak

Terre d'ombre

Umber brown


Made in France
Guaranteed 3 years
Guaranteed 5 years