CORE HR35 polyurethane foam
FABRIC 100% polyester white damask 220 g/sqm
TREATMENT Greenfirst anti-bug and anti-mite treated fabric
FIRE STANDARD Anti-fire (cigarette and match) treated fabric (NF EN 597, parts 1 and 2)
COMFORT Firm support
GUARANTEE Against any risk of premature sagging
BEDBASES Lagon (anti-bed bug)


Made in France
Anti-mite treatment
Fire retardant treatment
High resilience
Removable cover


Greenfirst® anti bed bug

Thiriez Literie has developed mattresses and bed bases specifically tailored to the hotel industry. The mattress and bedbase fabric have been treated with Greenfirst®. The bedbases also have a treated dust-proof backdrop for greater efficiency. Whether foam or spring, this product line is intended for any kind of establishment, from economy to 5 Star hotels. THIRIEZ LITERIE fabric products treated with Greenfirst® anti-bed bug solution are the best preventive response for a global campaign in pest protection.