• This mattress is composed of an AlveoNat50 foam core of 16cm thickness which offers durable support and guaranteed comfort. Its plant origin structure is composed of thousands of open cells which enable better breathability and increased lifespan of the mattress.
  • The mattress is fitted with a winter side lined with wool and padding and a summer side lined with linen and padding for temperature regulation in all seasons. There is optimal aeration to all 4 edges of the mattress due to AIR technology.
  • It is covered in 310g/sqm of stretch fabric for a truly soft touch.
  • For optimal comfort, we recommend Topspring and Ilot 15 bedbases from the Thiriez Literie collection (that increases guarantee to 7 years).


Very soft, balanced support


Made in France
Guaranteed 5 years
Guaranteed 7 years
Winter summer side



AlveoNat foam’s micro-honeycomb structure is enriched with natural plant oil, which is guaranteed GMO free, for a healthy night’s sleep and excellent mattress breathability. High resilience foam provides precise support to the sleeper.